PIGbird stopmotion studio

        we deliver a crafted, handmade look                              in a very professional way 

From Imagination to Animation

                            PigBird Showreel

Trevor Hardy stopmotion examples

About Trevor Hardy

Trevor Hardy has been in the world of stop-motion animation 

for over twenty years.

Trevor has won many awards for his stop-motion films and has even been long-listed for a BAFTA.

Trevors work is always full of humour and quirky characters that will delight you and leave you wanting more.

About PigBird studio

PigBird is Trevor Hardy's new stop-motion studio. 

PigBird  creates brilliant, charming, eye-catching stop-motion animations.

We are able to take an idea from script to screen. This wonderful studio offers the whole package. 

We can create the worlds, the characters, the stories, the ideas....

The whole lot!


'i''STRIKE' is a 100 minute stop-motion, family Cinema film. I Directed it, designed it and Co-wrote it. DiId




If you want to get in touch, or just fancy a beer

Get in touch:

Email: trev@pigbird.co.uk

T: 07976229504



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